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CC You In Hell
to Mar 10

CC You In Hell

Synopsis: "Send this to 7 people and you live" is a normal chain letter and things normally don't happen but, what happens if you don't respond and the letter is possessed with the soul of a Professor who loved the 90s?...nah that can't happen (lol). From the Mind of Mark Levy comes this absurd dark comedy where the only thing that kills you more than silly references is well, death. Just make sure you send the letter to 7 people....please.

CC You In Hell is being presented as part of Horse Trade Theater Group’s FRIGID Festival

Director: Janet Bentley
Playwright: Mark Levy
With: Caroline Burke, Sara Detrik, Taylor Graves, James Kennedy, Mark Levy, Kayla Mason, Sam Mercer & Stevie Roetzel,

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Anna May Wong, The Actress Who Died a Thousand Deaths
to Feb 2

Anna May Wong, The Actress Who Died a Thousand Deaths

Synopsis: It is 1938. Hollywood star Anna May Wong has just returned to the US after a discouraging tour in China. Drinking herself into a stupor, Wong’s dreams transport her back to her time on the film set of “Daughter of the Dragon”, grappling with the constrictions placed upon her because of her race and sex. There, memories entwine with imagination, as she relives moments with key figures in her life. This dreamscape is an exploration of the tensions and unease of making it big as a Chinatown girl amidst a world not made to accommodate her. The Actress Who Died a Thousand Deaths utilizes ‘live cinema theater’ to both recreate and reimagine moments from Wong’s films and life; to subvert type-casted and Orientalist tropes of the original and offer a ‘re-framing’ on stage.

Anna May Wong, The Actress Who Died a Thousand Deaths is being presented as part of Mabou Mines’ performance initiative SUITE/Space.

Creator: Cinthia Chen
Director of Photography: Ben Haven Taylor
With: Michael Anderson, Nellie Blue, Rebecca Wei Hsieh, Elizabeth Sun, Matt Ting & Randall Trang

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Funny Voices (or a thing i cannot name)
to Sep 9

Funny Voices (or a thing i cannot name)

Synopsis: Lee and Leo are trying. They want This Thing To Work Out, they swear. Watch them test every conceivable answer to the equation: him + her + x = Love [solve for x] -- or die trying. A slice of meta-theatre featuring both the Martial and Performance Arts, Naughty Language, Silly Voices, and Love Triumphant (maybe).

Well-acted and well-crafted... Lin and Racioppo entertain as they slide from character to character!
— Theater Is Easy

This short play is being presented as part of The Arctic Group's New York International Fridge Festival. All tickets are under $20, but more importantly, half of all performances will be FILL OUR FRIDGE nights. Instead of paying money, tickets can be purchased with non-perishable goods. These donations will be delivered to a local food bank by the theater.

The festival will also feature new works from playwrights Daniel Talbott, Katie Cappiello, Korde Arrington Tuttle, Jordan G. Teicher, Jenny King (The Barrington Collective), Glenn Marla, Steven McMahon, Suzanne Willett, and MJ Halberstadt. 

Director: Kate Hopkins
Playwright: Matthew Minnicino
With: Rachel Lin

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Wake Up Call
to Dec 18

Wake Up Call

Synopsis: In the midst of an unexpected double shift (on Christmas Eve, no less) a group of degenerate hotel employees stumble their way through an unusual night of service. It’s a “coming of age when you’re already of age” story. Sometimes it takes a miracle to grow the hell up. ke Up Call s an 90 minute contemporary play set in the lobby of a luxury boutique hotel in New York City. In the respect that hotels are transitional places for the guests, the same is true for the people that work there. Navigating through the misadventures of the evening, from outlandish guests to unpredictable coworkers, we follow their journey into adulthood. Sort of.

Racioppo is sharply funny, giving out a natural charm that never seems dickish, even when he screams at people parking in the “no parking zone” (some truly funny moments happen with him literally screaming at cars we can’t see and then ending with “Happy Holidays...”).
— The Arts Wire Weekly
The most stellar aspect of Wake Up Call is undoubtedly how well the writing meshes with the chemistry of the actors... Racioppo and Gebauer’s bromance is particularly engaging, with their “I like my women like I like my…” exchanges generating constant laughs.
— Theatre is Easy

Director: Adam Thomas Smith
Playwrights: Veronica Cooper & Adam Thomas Smith
With: Veronica Cooper, Chris Gebauer, Jory Murphy, Brian Reilly, and Jennifer Teska

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In The Event of My Death
to Aug 21

In The Event of My Death

Synopsis: In the Event of My Death is about eight small-town twenty-somethings, who know each other from high school, who share an impromptu time of mourning and celebration after the suicide of a mutual friend.  This play was originally developed through The Farm Theaters College Collaboration program , under the artistic direction of Padraic Lillis.

...moving, thanks to the emotional sincerity of the performances in Padraic Lillis’s sensitive production for Stable Cable Lab Co.
— Village Voice
…an entertaining, satisfying theatrical experience, a memorable snapshot of intertwined lives in transition. To this gathering, RSVP yes.
— Culture Catch
...the characters come to life in the hands of the strong ensemble of actors...
— Talkin' Broadway

Director: Padraic Lillis
Playwright: Lindsay Joy
With: Lisa Jill Anderson, Lillith Fallon, Breanna Foister, Cory Kosel, Ian Poake, Samantha Strelitz, and Kara Young
Runtime: 105 min

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She Stoops To Conquer
to Jul 26

She Stoops To Conquer

Synopsis: First performed in 1773, She Stoops to Conquer shares many stylastic similarities with the slightly older Restoration Comedies of the late 1600's early 1700's.

Hudson Warehouse productions perform outdoors at the Sailors and Soldiers Monument in Riverside Park at W. 89th St. and Riverside Drive in New York City. No tickets are necessary and admission is pay what you can. It's a beautiful venue to sit back, relax, and enjoy some silly, farcical comedy as the sun sets over the Hudson River.

Director: Ian Harkins
Playwright: Oliver Goldsmith
With: Roxann Kraemer, Jeffrey Guyton, Theodore Moller, Cori Hundt, Rafe Terrizzi, Eve Marie Mugar, and R. Scott Williams

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to Nov 22


There are things more important than love / Name them / Diamonds

Synopsis: There is a diamond as big as your fist, as heavy as your heart, and touring through Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's time to steal it. Or it's time to keep it safe. 

Pitting diamond heist against museum intrigue,Untameable follows the story of two young women: one trying to repatriate an old jewel and the other trying to keep old nemeses at bay. The audience is free to wander the space and pick which side of the story to follow.Untameable offers an immersive romp between a criminal den and a modern museum, where the audience, like the characters, must decide between love and diamonds, honesty and victory.  Untameable is an investigation into what we will do to achieve our magnum opus and what gets lost in the winning.

With moments of tension within the two factions, and freewill given to the audience, Untameable makes you question the tactics of viewing... a world of magic, mystery, and love; a world that one will want to experience over and over again.
— Stage Buddy
Multifaceted as diamonds and complex and daring as a heist, Untameable is an adventure well worth joining.
— Theatre Is Easy

Director: Elana McKelahan
Playwright: Daria Miyeko Marinelli
With: Vicki Rodriguez, Denise Yolén, Irene Rivera, J Moliere, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Stacy Salvette, Nancy Ellen Reinstein, Nikita Chaudhry and Ian F. Stewart

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TinyRhino: Fan Fiction
8:00 PM20:00

TinyRhino: Fan Fiction

Synopsis: Every month, six playwrights write brand new 10-minute plays, each including five dramatic elements. These elements might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. And every time they do: you DRINK!

Director: Ria T. DiLullo
Playwright: Emily Garland
With: Sonja O'Hara, Maxine Mattina, Andrew Gelles, Milica Bogetic, and Miles Mandwelle

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